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‘Shut up. What’s your name’

‘I just told you’

‘You’re going against a health regulation’

‘What’s his name?’

‘What’s his name?’ (inaudible)

Police: ‘it’s not a gun, it’s a tazer and I have the authority to use force to capture (sic) the arrest’

‘You are under arrest.’

‘Why are you guys grabbing me?’ [police grabbing hime while on ice]




Man: ‘why are you tazering me? I’ll get off the ice but don’t touch me!’


Right away.

I used to love the idea of the analogy of the that Phoenix which Mr. Hughes puts forward in his article How to Let Go of an Old Life.

The problem is that the lovely utopia of being expunged of the destroyed prior work choice isn’t a feel friendly movie like we crave it to be.

I’ll explain.

Years ago, I was brought forward to take a leadership course for progression through the ranks at that job. One of the speakers presented such a prolific story of her unexpected path that it imprinted in my mind during a siege of otherwise benign stories meant to ignite our young, leader-esque mindsets.

She was strange. Though her life now was leadership coaching, she shared how she rose up through the hypermasculinity…

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My daughter sits at the kitchen island, already fidgeting. We’re on our second week of Covid induced home learning (calling it home schooling would indicate that I actually was prepared for this). We’re working on her math. This is the subject that her teacher had previously indicated was her strength so we would go with the lowest hanging fruit.

As we sit side by side, the slow stream of tears come from all four of our eyes. Mommy can’t interpret how to incorporate the latest math equation problem solving slant that the school district has incorporated. …

Do you find yourself moving across differing career paths?

I did.

Trying to explain my new career moves prompted the research into my organic shifts from one seemingly unrelated career path to another. I stumbled onto the term Multipotentialite. Initially I found it on the site Puttylike. The words in the posts resonated. I am not the only one. This is actually a thing.

Puttylike cites the Wikipedia definition as:

[Multipotentialites] generally have diverse interests across numerous domains and may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions, they are confronted with unique decisions as a result of these…

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Choosing to dress in a more classic style is great. You are never in or out of style. No real fads for you. The inevitable risk is run for the impending boredom of looking at what you got going on in that wardrobe of yours. Every. Single. Day.

Take skinny jeans for example. This ‘trend’ I could not get on board with for years after they came on the scene well over a decade ago. …

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Some people have ‘Live and Let Live’ or ‘Carpe Diem’. Mine is tied to pragmatism. And it still failed to save me from a blindsiding loss.

I honestly don’t even know where or when I had this phrase permeate my psyche like some sort of osmosis type event. Usually when you have a phrase resonate so strongly it infiltrates your daily thoughts. You would assume it would come out of some mind blowing exposure, searing your mind with its significance. Not this. It just appeared. I don’t know if it is attributed to any one individual creating it, or if…

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Who would you have at your dinner party? Nelson Mandela? Chairman Mao? Olivia Newton-John? You had me at the Why for your unique list.

While the rest of us regular Joes and Janes have get togethers, we see fancy people having dinner parties. Yes I know that anyone can have a dinner party, but does that pot luck include Ricky Martin or Martin Sheen?

The glamour, quirkiness and luxury represented in dinner parties the movies convey make it appear as something elusive to the rest of us.

But imagination is universal. And what a different way to get to know…

Do us chicks have a head of the henhouse in our little groups we choose for ourselves?

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This question came through when listening to a local radio channel interview that mentioned this premise.

The thought permeated through enough of my morning fog to actually cull it into my own experience. I realized that there very well could be said ‘lead’. The elongated amount of time it took for me to come to this conclusion also gave me insights into my own social group typology.

I am a massive introvert. I mean I need ad nauseam hours in order to offset…

Can these Pinterest staples hold subliminal messages?

They look so lovely. Prettily dressed, print worthy notes that actually may camouflage a potentially darker and subliminal mindset.

You are the perfect thing that happened TO ME.

Seemingly, a simplistic opportunity to demonstrate how amazing the child is as an individual being. But instead, the premise seems to rely on the subtle (ish) expectation that is planted within the flowery optics that deliver the narrative.

However, is it potentially an unintentional vehicle speaking to the tone of the parent themselves?

Let’s look at a few more examples (remember the one under the…

A video on inclusivity perpetuated a backlash. Again.

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Let’s start first with a bit of the backstory. I have a very niche channel that covers the INTJ female perspective. For those unfamiliar with the MBTI typology check it here. Essentially my channel was created because, as a 40 something woman, I was looking for this type of experiential sharing as I navigated my own movement into middle age. INTJ females are reported as being only about 1–2% of the population and therefore, don’t necessarily see ourselves in the female majority. …


Female startup founder. MBTI enthusiast. INTJ. Passion for research and making sense of the world, optimization and supporting others journeys.

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