Do Women Always Have one Person that ‘Leads the Group’?

5 min readDec 10, 2019

Do us chicks have a head of the henhouse in our little groups we choose for ourselves?

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This question came through when listening to a local radio channel interview that mentioned this premise.

The thought permeated through enough of my morning fog to actually cull it into my own experience. I realized that there very well could be said ‘lead’. The elongated amount of time it took for me to come to this conclusion also gave me insights into my own social group typology.

I am a massive introvert. I mean I need ad nauseam hours in order to offset the social interactions of the daily exchanges, never mind a group of women chatting and stuffing my ears with myriad cotton balls of benign content. Let’s be clear when I say this — I am a champion of women and love the bonds that have been solidified over the decades. However, there seems to be an inverse relation regarding individuals and the sum of its parts when meeting as a whole. This 100% could be me as an introvert — almost salivating in the interest in taking these social moments to hear the intricacies of my lovely friends experiences and not caring for carrying on about whatever reality series that has become a source of bonding.

This mindset was silently triggered on my drive home while listening to aforementioned interview. Did my personal vantage point play into whether I felt there was a ‘leader’ in this group of females?

Let’s play this out.

Us humans usually have concentric circles of people in our lives — kind of like rings in a tree. The people who are affiliated with a friend or an acquaintance compose the outer rings. Then, the acquaintances (there’s usually a swelled load of those in that ring — like a tree that had a very healthy growing season). Finally, the inner circle. Those I consider the family you choose while you were developing from the whip-like metaphorical sapling that hasn’t yet reached its emotional first ring birthday. Those that have contributed valued ingredients in the success of your sapling development. And you, hopefully, to theirs. Almost like sucker root trees. They build with each other.

These are the concentric circles around you. If we look to the group of said trees and their own rings…


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