8 min readApr 2, 2023

How does this word come up at a relationship’s courtship? Red Flag?

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Rarely do I take the time to position my chapter heading while preparing for my dump of spatial data that creams over and mulches the pages. This one I have been internally impelled to do.

I can’t tell if God thinks this is funny, where I have been exposed to every single individual on the spectrum of self healing, usually within the initial stages unfortunately. I am really not sure what to do with this one. There is no professing of something that is not, nor is there any predication of a potential reality as I see it. In exchanges with him, all intonations are clear and transparent, both inside and out, as I have experienced as my person. Without interest of what weight of the other’s responsiveness should play into it.

Unless we’re talking about the crack that is coming in him that my gut knows is there. That breaking open for himself and, in turn, for me if the crack to personal clarity leans that way for him.

But will that crack indeed crack that individual in which it is held?

This is the problem with clarity within one half of two people that like each other’s genitals as well as their brains. It unduly exposes the other person to a type of naked self admission. [FIX]. One that is the outlier. One that you would never bet on even as a joke and you are…




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