Why ‘Never Tempt an Honest Man’ is My Mantra

5 min readJan 4, 2020
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Some people have ‘Live and Let Live’ or ‘Carpe Diem’. Mine is tied to pragmatism. And it still failed to save me from a blindsiding loss.

I honestly don’t even know where or when I had this phrase permeate my psyche like some sort of osmosis type event. Usually when you have a phrase resonate so strongly it infiltrates your daily thoughts. You would assume it would come out of some mind blowing exposure, searing your mind with its significance. Not this. It just appeared. I don’t know if it is attributed to any one individual creating it, or if it evolved out of a mindset I’ve carried which had finally crystallized into a code for living. However, there it appeared. Impacting the minutiae of my decision making.

Ensuring laptop is not left in the front seat of my locked car when I run into a convenience store? Check. Said laptop is redistributed to the backseat, preferably under whatever garbage inevitably was left by my multiples of children.

Running into my parents home on a quiet family laden street so I can drop off a parcel? The question and answer is automatically triggered.

Do I bring my purse? No.

The if of this mental statement compels me towards the then — do I move my purse to the backseat (invariably under the same old leftover garbage)? Yes.




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