Writer’s Block Posts Don’t Help Me.

Things that are salient for me at a certain time is what usually drives the writing. If those things are too dark, I can’t write it. Yet. The things I can write about, I can articulate.

I write so that if I can be the voice that needed to be heard by just one individual in order to make their lives make a little more sense, I have met my goal.

I want to be the writer that I needed when I search, struggling and interpreting my own life events. Individuals resonate and respond to that unique written rapport that can only be delivered in that sweet spot between timeliness and value.

We talk about writing as something we put out to the Universe. Almost as a one sided decision. I see it as that amazing communication between two strangers who never knew that their brain would impact another’s. It is not mechanical. It is alchemy.


n. A seemingly magical power or process of transmuting.

Or is it an energetic synergy? The feeling of being compelled as the writer to produce a topic you had never thought you would, somehow responding the the Butterfly Effect of internal cries by those needing the prose.

By no means do I think that I am a writer to the masses. The niche that is developed in writing is instead intimate for me. Consider it the boutique organization of the business world. It is not for everyone, but I hope it can hit home for those that see themselves in the conversation on the page.

So how does that tie to Writer’s Block?

In my search to find other’s experience with writer’s block, I come up empty. The resonating and rapport is not there. My experience feels there is no fear of the writing. As I am not a self identified writer, it may be due to my ignorance regarding the writing life/process/identification. I have no internal value placed on it.

My blocks come from almost a ‘tip of my tongue’ gut block. When I am internally processing my strongest thoughts and feelings, that is where the Hemingway’s of the world crank out some fantastic prose.

Not in this girl’s situation. Intense internal feed instead channels into white noise. Articulation is out the window.

While I could chalk it up to my inabilities in identifying feeling, I strongly believe it is directly related to the motivation of my writing as noted previously. If I want to have someone to feel heard through what I put out there, I want to have a pretty damn good understanding about what I know and do not know about the experience I’m presenting.

Putting out pain, darkness, hopelessness — basically all of the baser human feelings we experience when we are feeling acute — and doing it without a value proposition is not a tone I want to project.

I think there is a strange correlation with the cliche, ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all’ although not with the Pollyanna sub-context.

My writing needs to be acute, to address the positive and negative of some harsh experiences. However, it does not need to guide a reader even further down the pain in their own lives.

The end of my wrangling through my issue with my weird experience with writer’s block it’s this:

My writing doesn’t need a rainbow after the period, but it is obligated to provide a perspective that that one reader can potentially see themselves absorbing into their own experience. The reader feels heard, identifies their struggle in the article and is able to see if the experience applies to their growth in applying it to their lives with their own unique spin.

Female startup founder. MBTI enthusiast. INTJ. Passion for research and making sense of the world, optimization and supporting others journeys.

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